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Course Description:

This course is designed to enable the student to construct an expository sermon based upon the skills of exegesis. In addition, students will gain experience explaining, proving, and applying a biblical passage and delivering a biblical sermon with or without notes.


Upon completion of the course, you should be able to do the following:

  • deliver a sermon derived from the biblical text, with or without the use of notes.
  • Have a basic procedure that moves one from the biblical text to a sermon based on that text.
  • Develop skill in constructing a clear outline consisting of full, declarative sentences that relate to a basic idea. The outline should also show transitions in parentheses between the major points and if necessary the supporting points. This will be measured by handing in an outline of the first and the final sermon for grading.
  • Have a working definition of expository preaching.
  • Understand the basic elements in sermon construction and what they should accomplish—introduction, central idea (based on an exegetical idea), transitions, illustrations, development of the sermon, and conclusion.
  • Begin to develop a skill in writing a sermon manuscript geared to the way listeners listen.


  1. Search the Internet for 5 public video-recorded sermons, of 5 different preachers. Watch and listen to each sermon, and write a sermon evaluation.
  2. Complete quizzes, and exams
  3. Write an expository sermon on a text of your choice. Your instructor may ask you to deliver your sermon online through the virtual classroom.


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